Eckhart Tolle on music:

Music is a wonderful way of getting in touch with the stillness within.

For the listener, it is important not to become dependant, however, on anything external to enter the state of Presence. Whereas music can be a help, there too needs to be a balance. If the only time you can become still is when you listen to a certain kind of music, then that's not quite it, because you are depending on something external to get in touch with that. Use it as a help, and this is the same as a spiritual teacher or spiritual teaching – it can be a great help to listen to a tape or see a video, but don't become totally dependant on that. Every good spiritual teacher will tell you, when the time comes "enough is enough". The true teacher is within you. What you see in me, that which you find so precious in me, must be in you - otherwise you wouldn't see it.

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A New Approach:

The aim for this project is to get everyone involved in music; to enable each and every person to make music an essential part of their lives.

As an artist myself, I believe musicians must address their relevance nowadays and fully understand how they might contribute to society.  

Artists must actively endeavour to make their art an essential part of people's lives.  To find a way to balance their work; to see how they can actively be part of society as well as manage their time to perfect their art.

Adam Dickson